Honor Band 4 Review

Honor Band 4 Review

  • ·         Respect Band 4 cost in India is Rs. 2,599
  • ·         Rest following and investigation works entirely well
  • ·         Step following, however, isn’t as exact as the Xiaomi Mi Band 3

When it propelled amidst 2017, Honor Band 3 offered a new structure, pulse checking, and rest following at a moderate cost. While that appeared to be great on paper, it had a couple of crimps which we found in our audit. Respect returned to the planning phase and has now concocted a successor, the Honor Band 4. Evaluated at Rs. 2,599, is this the wellness band for you, or would it be a good idea for you to get the Xiaomi Mi Band 3? Peruse our survey to discover.

Honor Band 4 Design

The Honor Band 4 at first look seems to be like the gadget it replaces. It is smooth and light, so it won’t feel unbalanced in the event that you wear it constantly. Dissimilar to the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 which has a removable center (container) and a band, the Honor Band 4 is one piece. The case does not separate from the band, and accordingly, you don’t have the opportunity to utilize distinctive groups here.
Honor Band 4 Review
Honor Band 4

 Our audit unit had a blue band, yet you can purchase this gadget in pink or dark. All things considered, the band you jump on the Honor Band 4 is of good quality and did not hint at any wear amid our audit period.

We didn’t care for the fasten structure of the Honor Band 3 as it dove into our lower arms leaving little checks. Respect has changed this with the new model, and you get a watch style catch. This opens and closes effectively, and has a lower shot of falling off contrasted with the before model.
The center of the Honor Band 4 has a 0.95-inch AMOLED touchscreen with a goals of 240×120 pixels. It additionally has a capacitive back catch. Respect has run with a shading show which emerges, taking into account that most different groups at this value point offer high contrast screens. One other solid purpose of this presentation is its daylight neatness. It is sufficiently splendid to be seen outside, and clients can pick between three dimensions of brilliance directly from the band.
Respect is among a couple of producers to offer a touchscreen at this value point. The screen is responsive and we could swipe through the alternatives effectively. The capacitive catch goes about as a back catch while looking through the UI.
Flip the band over and you will see the pulse sensor and two pogo pins for charging at the base. The pulse sensor is somewhat raised contrasted with whatever is left of the body, and will leave a blemish on your hand on the off chance that you put the band on firmly. Much the same as the Honor Band 3, this new model additionally utilizes a restrictive clasp on charger. It is very small, with pogo stick connectors for charging the band and a Micro-USB port for info. The charger is anything but difficult to lose, however you might most likely discover a substitution charger on the web.

Honor Band 4 Perfomance

The Honor Band 4 works with both Android telephones just as the iPhone by means of Huawei’s Health application. The way toward blending the band to your telephone is simple, and the application is all around structured. At one look, the application give you data about the quantity of steps taken, your last recorded pulse, and how well you rested the earlier night.
We found that when combined with an Android telephone, the Huawei Health application keeps a relentless warning around — simply like numerous other friend applications — so it isn’t murdered out of sight. This guarantees the band is continually associated with the telephone to synchronize its information. Hypothetically this will affect the battery life of the associated cell phone, however it wasn’t sufficiently huge for us to take note.
In the application you will discover a record of the quantity of steps you have taken. This can be arranged step by step or month-by-month to give you a thought of your advancement. The application can likewise be utilized to alter what capacities are accessible on the band and the request in which they show up. Likewise, the application enables you to impart information to Google Fit, MyFitnessPal, and UP by Jawbone.
Honor Band 4 Review
Honor Band 4 Unboxing

Step following was marginally off base on the Honor Band 4 in our tests. We tallied 1,000 stages physically while strolling around, and the band recorded 985 stages. On the off chance that you are anticipating utilizing a wellness band essential for following advances, at that point this isn’t as precise as the Xiaomi Mi Band 3. The Health cell phone application likewise has an autonomous advance counter that continues ticking in your telephone’s warning board and is estimated utilizing the accelerometer on the telephone. We observed this to be incorrect also. The progression tally continued expanding while we were driving near.
Pulse following was progressively exact, and gave us comparative outcomes as a Mi Band 3 when we thought about the two all the while. Constant pulse following is accessible on the Honor Band 4, and it can log your pulse for the duration of the day at two-minute interims. Once matched up with your telephone, you can see your pulse go and resting pulse. It additionally has a raised pulse ready which will caution you if your resting pulse surpasses as far as possible for over 10 minutes at a stretch.
The Honor Band 4 gives you a chance to follow open air and indoor runs, outside strolls, indoor cycling, pool swims, and free preparing. We utilized the outside walk following mode and strolled a separation we knew was actually 1km. The band estimated the separation as 0.96km which is a satisfactory deviation. The Honor Band 4 does not have a committed GPS chip and depends on the associated cell phone to decide its area.
We likewise utilized the free preparing mode for a rec center exercise session. It kept pulse following on continually yet couldn’t get an appropriate perusing more often than not. When it managed to get an understanding, it wasn’t precise.
Rest following is exact, and the band could recognize the time we nodded off and the moment we woke up. It could separate our rest into Deep rest, Light rest, REM rest, and waking periods utilizing Huawei’s Trusleep rest following calculations. It additionally broke down our rest quality and gave us recommendations and tips on the most proficient method to enhance rest quality.
You can set an alert on the Honor Band 4, and it is fit for vibrating and awakening you at the set time. We needed to utilize the cell phone application to set an alert, which should have been conceivable on the band itself.
Respect asserts that the battery on the Band 4 will keep going for six days with nonstop pulse following on, and 17 days under ordinary use, on a solitary charge. In our use, which included cautions for approaching calls and warnings, constant pulse following, and Huawei’s Trusleep rest following, the band went on for just three and a half days.
Honor Band 4
Honor Band 4 Colour
With the constant pulse choice turned off, the band just expended 40 percent of the battery in six days. The band charges rapidly and we could get it to 70 percent in a hour by associating it to a USB charger. The Honor Band 4 likewise has NFC backing and we discovered help for Alipay in the band’s UI, yet that is of no utilization here in India. NFC isn’t utilized for whatever else.


The Honor Band 4 enhances its forerunner with a superior showcase, enhanced pulse and rest following, and better separation precision. Nonetheless, this comes at the expense of lower battery life. Its nearest rival, the Xiaomi Mi Band 3, offers exact advance following and is valued marginally lower.
The Mi Band 3 is flexible and precise, and you could spare a minimal expenditure without losing much usefulness. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you need a superior presentation and rest following is a need, the Honor Band 4 ought to be the one for you.
Pros :-
  • ·         Precise rest following
  • ·         Brilliant Amoled show

Cons :-
  • ·         Restrictive charger
  • ·         Somewhat wrong advance following
  • ·         Pulse not precise in exercise mode

Rating :-
  • ·         Plan: 3.5
  • ·         Following: 3
  • ·         Friend application: 3.5
  • ·         Battery life: 3
  • ·         In general: 3

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