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OnePlus Bullets Wireless Review
  1. ·It underpins Qualcomm aptX gushing codec
  2. ·Mid-go is point by point and battery life is additionally great
  3. ·The OnePlus Bullets Wireless is valued at Rs. 3,990
Throughout the years, OnePlus has earned a notoriety of offering ‘more for less’ and this rationality proceeds till today. Nearby the dispatch of its most current leader cell phone, the OnePlus 6 (Review), the organization likewise divulged its absolute first pair of remote headphones called the Bullets Wireless. The wired OnePlus Bullets V2 headphones have been gigantically prominent and have been appraised profoundly by us as well, for its incentive for cash and great execution.
With the 3.5mm earphone attachment gradually vanishing from cell phones, it just appeared well and good for the organization to dally with a remote choice as well. The Bullets Wireless headphone is valued at Rs. 3,990 and gloats of highlights like quick charging, eight hours of asserted battery life, and Qualcomm’s aptX high goals sound codec support. We’ve been trying them for a couple of days and this is what we think.
OnePlus Bullets Wireless Design & Features
The headphones transport is a straightforward white box with an illustration of the Bullets Wireless on the spread. Inside, on the correct portion of the case, there’s a little compartment for the additional ear tips, wing tips, and a brilliant red silicone case underneath them. There’s a short USB Type-C charging link incorporated into the case as well. The headphone itself gets its very own multifaceted bundling, which is a touch of assignment to unload. Guidance and guarantee pamphlets are likewise packaged here.
OnePlus Bullets Wireless Review
OnePlus Bullets Wireless Review
 The accessory style headphone is light and secured from head to toe in a delicate, silicone covering. It feels smooth and furthermore makes it strong to fluids. Actually, the Bullets Wireless is said to be sweat and water safe despite the fact that it doesn’t have an official IP rating. On the left half of the jewelry, we have an uncovered USB Type-C port, an amplifier, and a Bluetooth matching/control catch. We would have enjoyed a fold for the Type-C port for included security against the components, anyway OnePlus affirmed to Gadgets 360 that the port is water safe as well.
The loads for the ear buds are made of aluminum, with a reflexive completion and red accents around the edges. The level back likewise houses magnets, so the ear buds stick together when they’re around your neck. This additionally naturally stops your music. You get an in-line remote along the left wire, which gives you a chance to control the volume and music playback.
Every ear bud of the Bullets Wireless component a 9.2mm unique driver and something many refer to as an Energy Tube, which is an exceptional lodging for the driver that is said to limit reverb. The headphones use Bluetooth 4.1, which has of a scope of 10 meters. It likewise underpins Qualcomm’s aptX high goals sound codec and a guarantee of an eight hour battery life. There’s additionally worked in Dash Charge innovation, which is said to convey around five hours of battery existence with a 10 minute charge. The headphone is missing NFC for snappy matching and there’s no vibration engine in the necklace to alarm you of approaching calls, a component we’ve progressively found in jewelry headphones.
OnePlus Bullets Wireless Perfomance 
We begin with a component that is exceptional to OnePlus cell phones, which is the attractive respite and resume. On the off chance that you head to the Bluetooth area in an OnePlus 6, there’s something many refer to as ‘Headphone mode’. In this, the Auto Play flip change should be empowered, after which the headphones will naturally continue delayed music when disengaged. At the point when the earbuds are attractively gone along with, it really breaks the Bluetooth association and afterward rapidly restores it when you separate them. The attractive delaying occurs on other Android telephones and iPhone models as well, be that as it may, the resume work doesn’t work. As per the OnePlus site, this element takes a shot at the OnePlus 5 ₹ 35,699 (Review), OnePlus 5T (Review) and the OnePlus 6 (Review).
OnePlus Bullets Wireless Review
OnePlus Bullets Wireless Review
OnePlus additionally discusses support for Google Assitant on the Bullets Wireless, yet what this really implies is that you can gather the Assitant with a long press of the ‘Play’ catch on the in-line remote. Additionally, on the off chance that you have it combined with an iPhone, it will call Siri. This is something most headphones or earphones that have in-line catches support at any rate.
The Bullets Wireless is inconceivably agreeable to wear for long terms. The ear buds are light and don’t cause much exhaustion and the wing tips rest well along the inward edge of your ear. The fit is cozy and notwithstanding going around doesn’t oust them from your ears. We wish the silicone case would have been somewhat bigger or progressively vast as you truly need to stuff the headphones in, particularly in case you’re additionally bearing the USB link.
The headphones can just have a solitary dynamic association at any given moment. There’s no voice brief to control you through the blending procedure, rather, you get a progression of capable of being heard signals for this or you could pass by the status of the power LED on the necklace. When interfacing with an OnePlus 6, the telephone demonstrates to you a little card with the picture of the headphones, which you can tap on to complete the matching procedure. When you associate with an Android Oreo cell phone, the spilling codec defaults to aptX. For the iPhone, you’re constrained to SBC as the Bullets Wireless don’t appear to help AAC.
OnePlus Bullets Wireless Review
OnePlus Bullets Wireless Review

The last is additionally one reason why the headphones sound somewhat better with an Android telephone. On the iPhone like the 6s Plus ₹ 50,500 and 7 Plus (Review) that we utilized, the Bullets Wireless sounds somewhat splendid as the treble becomes the overwhelming focus and this is just enhanced as you push the volume higher. There’s great instrument partition and vocals are fresh, anyway the bass is somewhat delicate so you don’t generally feel the pound in many tracks. Tuning in to Hall of Fame by The Script spilled through Apple Music on an iPhone sounds very harsh at high volumes.

On Android with aptX, the Bullets Wireless grandstand a sightly more extensive soundstage, with progressively articulated bass while as yet keeping up great instrument partition and fresh vocals. We tried it with an OnePlus 6 and a Samsung Galaxy S9+ ₹ 51,900 (Review). The highs are still somewhat brilliant however it isn’t so sharp. Tracks like Yellow Light by Pharrell Williams have better definition with higher accentuation on the lower frequencies. We didn’t see any contortion in bass even at full volume however with most tracks, we observed the 80 percent dimension to be more than satisfactory.
The silicone ear tips offer great inactive detachment from encompassing clamor and we didn’t have any issues with voice calls either. The guest on the opposite end could hear us pretty obviously notwithstanding when talking outside. The headphones release a touch of sound, which is observable in a calm room yet less where the individual beside you can make out what tune is playing.
Battery life
The Bullets Wireless is appraised to convey eight hours of playback time, which we found truly feasible. Amid our utilization, we effectively figured out how to hit this imprint and on occasion, figured out how to press out more as well. In any case, what’s truly cool is the capacity to quick charge the headphones. At the point when associated with a USB port of a MacBook Air, the Bullets Wireless figured out how to energize to 80 percent from zero (at any rate that is level Android Oreo distinguished) in only 10 minutes.
OnePlus Bullets Wireless Review
OnePlus Bullets Wireless Review
At the point when associated with a power connector (Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 good), we figured out how to completely charge the headphones in less than 30 minutes, which is very amazing. The best way to check the battery dimension of the headphones is to see the LED light or through your telephone, as there’s no voice prompts for this. You likewise don’t get any discernable prompts when the battery running low, other than the blazing red LED light on the necklace.
For an introduction remote headphone, the OnePlus Bullets is a decent endeavor and something that will supplement your OnePlus cell phone pleasantly. At Rs. 3,990, OnePlus is moving them at a marginally lower cost than what it’s moving for in the US ($69), which makes them great esteem. It’s well fabricated, has a climate safe plan, and sound incredible when utilized with an aptX good telephone, in spite of the fact that the highs sound somewhat sharp at higher volumes. We would have gotten a kick out of the chance to see NFC and possibly a vibration engine for approaching call alarms, yet maybe that is requesting excessively at this cost.
Value:Rs. 3,990 (MRP)
  1. ·Agreeable fit and lightweight
  2. ·Definite mid-go
  3. ·Charges rapidly, great battery life
  1. ·Highs sound somewhat sharp
Ratings(out of 5)
  1. ·Structure: 4.5
  2. ·Execution: 4
  3. ·Incentive for cash: 4
  4. ·By and large: 4


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