Realme Buds Review

Realme Buds Review


  • ·         The Realme Buds are estimated at Rs. 499
  • ·         You get 3.5mm network, a three-catch remote, and a mouthpiece
  • ·         The item is accessible to purchase online at this point

Chinese cell phone and embellishments creator Realme hasn’t finished a year in the market, however it’s as of now had a colossal effect on the fragments in which it has items. Gadgets, for example, the Realme C1 and Realme 2 Pro offer details and equipment that aren’t normally observed at their value focuses, and the majority of this has gotten Realme seen bigly. Since the organization has its cell phone activities to some degree set up, it has directed its concentration toward another rewarding space in India — sound.

Realme Buds Review
Realme Buds Review

Enter the Realme Buds, the organization’s first independent sound item. Valued at Rs 499, the Realme Buds are moderate with the guarantee of highlights and determinations that very few different brands offer at this cost. Could this cell phone creator shake up the reasonable headphones advertise with its most recent item, or does this all solid pipe dream? We discover in our survey.

Realme Buds structure and particulars

To the extent essential plan goes, the Realme Buds are genuinely standard for minimal effort in-ear earphones. Including an in-channel fit, ordinary silicone eartips, and a 1m-long link, every one of the nuts and bolts are set up. Be that as it may, when you think about the Rs. 499 value, you get a couple of extra highlights that make this a magnificent esteem for-cash offering, incorporating a three-catch in-line remote, mouthpiece, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
The ‘more’ incorporates a Kevlar fiber fold over the link beneath the Y-splitter for strength, and an attractive clipping system between the two earpieces for simple conveying. The Kevlar certainly makes the link feels more sturdy and impervious to strain than what we’re accustomed to seeing at this value level, while the magnets diminish the odds of the wires getting tangled.

Realme Buds Review
Realme Buds Review

In contrast to the OnePlus Bullets Wireless, the attractive bracing instrument does not control anything; there is no power switch here given this is a standard combine of wired headphones. The ear housings themselves are made of plastic, yet feel strong and well-fabricated.
The three-catch remote functions obviously to control volume, playback, and call controls on good gadgets. The Realme Buds utilize the standard 3.5mm fitting to associate with a source gadget, which makes it good with a substantial number of cell phones, sound players, and PCs. The Realme Buds are controlled by 11mm powerful drivers, and you get two additional sets of eartips in various sizes in the container in the event that the ones on as a matter of course don’t fit you ideally.

Realme Buds Perfomance

For our audit, we basically utilized a MacBook Air and an OnePlus 6T (with the telephone’s stock 3.5mm-to-USB-Type-C dongle) as the source gadgets. On the two gadgets, we utilized Apple Music to play gushed sound tracks, and furthermore tried with Netflix for sound quality in recordings.
Sound quality is, shockingly, not fabulous. The Realme Buds headset sounds excessively warm, with the low end of the recurrence run having a tendency to overwhelm the mid-range and highs. Along these lines, we heard a touch of unpleasantness in the sound that held on with different sound tracks that we played, paying little respect to type. On a positive note, the Realme Buds can get exceptionally boisterous gratitude to the 11mm drivers, and the bass will in general be progressively articulated therefore, if that is the thing that you favor.
With Cut Copy’s Take Me Over, the sound wasn’t exactly as perfect as what we encountered with headphones, for example, the Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd. Tuning in to Eden’s Mavis, we felt that while the sound wasn’t what we’d call ‘awful’, yet it wasn’t really that great either. The vocals were fine, however solid imaging went poorly past fundamental stereo partition. By and large, the sound feels somewhat harsh, yet that is the trade off here given the cost and the structure includes on offer.
Realme Buds Review
Realme Buds Review
Proceeding onward to voice calls, we got worthy execution from the receiver and headphones, and you’ll have the capacity to utilize the Realme Buds successfully enough for sans hands telephone usefulness. We could hear voices unmistakably enough, and individuals on the opposite end of our calls didn’t report any issues either. The remote and catches are well manufactured, in spite of the fact that they are somewhat firm and hard to press now and again. The earphones are agreeable to use for long listening sessions also, on account of the load and structure.


Valued at Rs. 499, the Realme Buds don’t give us much space to gripe. In spite of the fact that the sound quality is normal, best case scenario, there’s additional regarding assemble and work on offer than most other contending items, which does to some degree compensate for that. Many individuals use and store their headphones generally, and these endeavors in enhancing the manufacture quality ought to go far in keeping the Realme Buds usable for quite a while.
From the three-catch remote and mouthpiece to the Kevlar fiber wrap of the link and the attractive bracing system, the Realme Buds certainly closely resemble progressively costly headphones, regardless of whether they don’t seem like them. In the event that you like your music to be bass-substantial and if your utilization is restricted to easygoing tuning in amid your drive and a couple of approaches the go, the Realme Buds are unquestionably worth considering. In any case, in case you’re willing to spend somewhat more, the 1More Piston Fit headset improves sound quality than the Realme Buds.
Value: Rs. 499

  • ·         Magnificent plan and construct quality
  • ·         Three-catch remote and mouthpiece function admirably
  • ·         Can get uproarious
  • ·         Very much valued for the list of capabilities on offer


  • ·         Harsh sound
  • ·         Over the top bass

Evaluations (out of 5):-

  • ·         Configuration/comfort: 4
  • ·         Sound quality: 2.5
  • ·         Incentive for cash: 4
  • ·         In general: 3.5

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