Sony WI-C300 Bluetooth Headphones

Sony WI-C300 Bluetooth Headphones Review
  • ·         The Sony WI-C300 retails for not as much as Rs. 3,000 on the web
  • ·         The headphones are incredibly agreeable
  • ·         The bass is tight and controlled and doesn’t command the sound blend

Like it or not, remote headphones are setting down deep roots. With increasingly more cell phones dropping the famous 3.5mm earphone jack, remote headphones are gradually getting to be pervasive. Not to be abandoned, Sony as of late revived its whole versatile sound line-up to all the more likely mirror this pattern. The organization as of late presented four new remote headphones and we have the least expensive among the parcel in for audit.
The Sony WI-C300 Bluetooth headphones highlight 9mm drivers, an implicit amplifier, as long as 8 hours of battery life, and a lightweight plan. The headphones retail for Rs. 3,390 however can be found for not as much as Rs. 3,000 on web based business sites, for example, Amazon India.

Sony WI-C300 Design & Comfort

The headphones weigh by nothing and are constructed prevalently out of plastic. While the headphones are constructed sensibly well, the link quality is somewhat of a frustration. The 7-inch rope that interfaces the two earpieces is incredibly slender and feels very shaky.
The Sony WI-C300 is accessible in four hues in India, Blue, White, Black, and Red. We surveyed the Blue variation which certainly looks very energetic and sweet. The case contains the absolute minimum – a client’s guide, a short smaller scale USB link, and two additional pair of silicone ear tips (little and extensive). Froth tips and an instance of any sort are prominent by their nonattendance, however that is passable given the cost of the WI-C300.
Sony WI-C300 Bluetooth Headphones
Sony WI-C300 Headphones
The headphones have a marginally odd, uneven plan with a module beside the left earpiece and another in the middle of the two earpieces. The module alongside the left earpiece houses the Micro-USB port for charging and catches for playback control.
The course of action of the catches is somewhat odd as the volume down catch is sandwiched between the volume up and the multi-work catches. In many headphones, the multi-work catch is found in the middle of the volume controls, which we accept is increasingly ergonomic.
On account of the lightweight plan and minimal lodgings, the headphones are very agreeable. We could tune in to music for a considerable length of time at once without confronting any real uneasiness. The petite lodgings make them perfect for tuning in to music around evening time while lying on your side. The commotion disconnection is entirely unremarkable however. We could hear surrounding commotion and individuals talking around us even at approximately 60 percent volume.

Sony WI-C300 Perfomance

These reasonable remote headphones convey a shockingly fresh and clear stable. The sound mark is certainly V molded with the mids taking a slight secondary lounge to whatever is left of the frequencies. So, the mids are preferred spoken to over most reasonable remote headphones. Devotees of vocal-substantial classes like Blues should take a gander at wired alternatives in this value range, for example, the 1More Dual Driver In-Ear earphones.
We were truly shocked with the nature of the bass on offer. The low-end is tight and controlled and never eclipses whatever is left of the frequencies. Not at all like numerous remote headphones out there, the treble is fresh and enthusiastic yet never sharp or sibilant. This makes tuning in to kinds, for example, Jazz and Metal an exhaustion free ordeal.
Sony WI-C300
Sony WI-C300 Unboxing
The soundstage is truly shut off yet picture dispersing is respectable and instrument division is shockingly great. The clearness and detail on offer is additionally extraordinary at this cost range. We could recognize the variety of guitars being played in tracks like John Mayer’s Slow Dancing in a Burning Room (Live) and Radiohead’s Paranoid Android.
All things considered, the Sony WI-C300 punches over its weight with regards to the nature of sound on offer. The headphones are not as point by point and rational as progressively costly contenders however figure out how to furnish a charming listening knowledge with great lucidity, punchy bass, and modestly fresh highs at a focused cost.
Sony WI-C300
Sony WI-C300 Review

We would say, the headphones kept going around 7 hours on a solitary accuse of music playing at 80 percent volume. With moderate volume levels, it will be anything but difficult to accomplish the 8 hours figure guaranteed by Sony. The inherent clamor dropping mouthpiece is of high caliber and we encountered no issues while on calls amid our trial.


The Sony WI-C300 makes for an incredible purchase. The sound on offer is fresh and point by point and the sound mark is genuinely adjusted, with all frequencies spoke to well in the sound blend. The battery life is better than expected and the headphones are incredibly agreeable to boot. The unstable link and shallow soundstage isn’t sufficient to detract from the sheer an incentive for cash on offer here. The Sony WI-C300 increase current standards for spending remote earphones and offer an incredible mix of solace, sound quality, and accommodation.
Value:Rs. 3,390 (MRP)
  • ·         Truly agreeable and lightweight
  • ·         Genuinely exact and fresh stable
  • ·         Great battery life

Cons :-
  • ·         Shaky link
  • ·         Shallow soundstage

Ratings(out of 5):
  • ·         Structure: 4
  • ·         Execution: 4
  • ·         Incentive for cash: 4.5
  • ·         By and large: 4

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